About Aasha



We're Zaheeda & Zoya - sisters who share a passion for the environment and for finding ways to build sustainability into our daily lives. 

We know that, like us, many people are keen to cut back on single use plastics and reduce waste. But that sometimes, when life is busy, it's hard to remember to keep all of your reusable tools with you - and it's SO frustrating when you go to order that smoothie, or tuck into that takeaway only to realise you've forgotten your straw or cutlery, or worse, coffee cup, at home! 

That's why we're launching the Keep Kit - a handy, stylish carrier with all of your waste-free needs, including a waterproof pouch for items after they've been used, so you can stay stylish and sustainable wherever you go! 

'Aasha' means 'hope' in Sanskrit, and that's what we want to keep building for our futures. The first step we can all take is to limit our impact on the environment. Order a Keep Kit today, and help us keep hope alive for the future of our planet.